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Optimizing Notion with Icons: A Quick Guide

When personalizing your Notion workspace, icons play a pivotal role. They add a visual touch, making navigation intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Here's a concise guide to using icons in Notion:

Emojis and Icons

Notion provides a vast array of emojis and icons to choose from. Whether you're setting up a personal journal or a business project, there's likely an emoji or icon that fits.

Custom URL

Want something more personalized? You can use a custom URL to set an icon. However, always ensure you have the right to use the image. Copyright infringement is a serious matter, and it's essential to respect creators.

Upload from Your Machine

If you have a specific image or logo you'd like to use, Notion allows you to upload it directly. For the best results, ensure your image is square and ideally 280x280 pixels in dimension.

The 'Random' Button

Feeling indecisive? Notion has a 'Random' button that selects a random emoji or icon for you. Discovering new icons and adding a spontaneous touch to your pages is fun.

A Note on Dimensions

If you're uploading a custom icon, using an image that's square in shape is recommended. This ensures it displays correctly without any unwanted cropping.


Icons are more than just decorative elements in Notion. They enhance user experience, provide visual cues, and add a touch of personality to your workspace. So, take a moment to explore and choose icons that resonate with your content.