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A Quick Dive into Notion Covers: Tips and Techniques

The cover image can be a defining touch when setting up your Notion workspace. Notion offers multiple ways to add covers, each with its own considerations.

Here's a concise guide to help you navigate these options:

Pros: Quick and easy.

Cons: Limited choices. An image might not be unique.

How: Paste a direct link to an image.

Pros: Expands your options beyond the gallery.

Cons: Ensure you have the right to use the picture. Always respect copyright laws.

Upload Your Image

How: Drag and drop or use the upload button.

Pros: Personalized and unique.


  • Resolution: Use high-resolution images, wider than 1500 pixels for clarity.

  • File Size: Keep it under 5MB for optimal loading times.

Use Unsplash Integration

How: Search and select from a vast collection of professional photos.

Pros: High-quality, copyright-free images at your fingertips.

Cons: Some images might be commonly used, reducing uniqueness.


Always ensure you have the right to use an image, especially if you're sharing your Notion page publicly.


Maintaining a consistent theme or style can be visually appealing if you have a series of pages.


While Notion offers various ways to add covers, the key is to choose an option that aligns with your content and aesthetic preferences, all while respecting image rights.