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Using Colors in Notion: Advanced Customization with Equations

Notion's built-in color options are great for most users, but if you're looking to customize the appearance of your text and backgrounds, you can use Notion's equation feature. Here's how:

Custom Text Colors with \color

  • Highlight existing text and select the Create equation option or create an equation block by typing /equation and selecting the (block or inline) equation option.

  • Inside the equation block, type \color{YourColor}{YourText}.

    • Replace YourColor with the desired color in HEX format (e.g., #FF5733).

    • Replace YourText with the text you want to color.

Example: \color{#FF5733}{This is custom colored text} will produce text in the specified orange shade.

Custom Background Colors with \colorbox

  • Again, create an equation block.

  • Inside the equation block, type \colorbox{YourBgColor}{YourText}.

    • Replace YourBgColor with the desired background color in HEX format.

    • Replace YourText with the text you want to have a colored background.

Example: \colorbox{#FFD700}{This text has a custom background} will produce text with a gold background.

Combining \color and \colorbox

Use both the \color and \colorbox commands inside an equation block.

For instance, to have blue text on a pink background, you'd use: \colorbox{pink}\color{blue}{Your text here}.

Things to Note

  • While this method offers more customization, it's worth noting that these colors might not be visible in all Notion views or when exporting your Notion page.

  • Always ensure the text remains readable, especially when choosing a custom text color and background color.