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Using Colors in Notion: A Simple Guide

Colors in Notion aren't just for aesthetics; they can enhance readability, organization, and even productivity. Here's how to make the most of them

How to Add Colors in Notion

  • Text & Background: Highlight your desired text, tap the A icon in the pop-up menu, and pick your preferred text or background shade.

  • Databases: Click the ... (three dots) menu for databases in board view. Navigate to the layout settings and opt for Color columns. The column adopts the property's color. To modify, access the property settings and choose a new hue.

  • Blocks: Click the six-dot menu on the left to color blocks like callouts or quotes. From there, you can set both the text and background colors.

Practical Uses for Colors

  • Priority Tasks: Use red for high-priority tasks, yellow for medium, and green for low.

  • Content Organization: Differentiate between types of content using background colors.

  • Visual Breaks: Use colored dividers or blocks to break up long pages and guide the reader's eye.


Colors in Notion can transform your pages from plain to visually organized, making navigating and understanding your content easier.