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Utilizing Embeds in Notion: A Brief Overview

One of Notion's powerful features is the ability to embed content directly into your pages. This functionality seamlessly integrates external content, making your Notion workspace more dynamic and resourceful.

How to Embed in Notion

  • Type /embed in a new block or click the + sign and scroll down to find the 'Embeds' section for various embedding options.
  • Either paste the link of the content you wish to embed or use the 'Upload' tab to upload a file from your device directly.

Practical Uses for Embeds

  • YouTube Videos: Embed tutorials, presentations, or videos to enhance your notes or projects.

  • Google Maps: If planning a trip or event, embed a map directly into your Notion page for easy reference.

  • Google Docs/Sheets: Integrate Google documents or spreadsheets to keep all related content in one place.

  • Figma Designs: For designers, embed your Figma frames to showcase designs alongside project notes.

  • Tweets: Embed relevant tweets into your Notion pages for social media planning or tracking mentions.


Embeds in Notion offer a versatile way to incorporate various content types, enriching your pages and making information access more streamlined.