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Efficiently Using Peek Pages in Notion

Dive straight into the content of a linked page without leaving your current workspace with Notion's Peek Pages. This feature is designed to streamline your workflow, allowing you to reference or check details on the fly.

Setting Up Peek Pages

  • Navigate to your database layout settings.
  • Look for the "Open pages in" menu.
  • Choose your preferred view: Side Peek, Center Peek, or Full Page.

Side Peek

Hover over a linked page and click "Open" to activate the Side Peek. This sidebar view is perfect for quick reference.

Center Peek

After hovering over a linked page, click "Open" to access the Center Peek. This centered overlay offers a more focused view of the content.

Full Page

For a comprehensive view, directly click on the linked page to open it in full-page mode.

In Side Peek or Center Peek, transition between the modes using the "Switch peek mode" option in the upper left corner.


With Peek Pages, Notion enhances your efficiency and user experience, smoothing content referencing.