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Using Callouts in Notion: A Brief Guide

Callouts in Notion are a fantastic way to highlight information, add emphasis, or break up your content with visually appealing elements. Here's how to use them:

Creating a Callout

  • Type /callout and press Enter.

  • Alternatively, click the + sign and choose the Callout option from the dropdown.

Customizing Callouts

  • Text: Directly type your message into the callout. To change the text or background color, highlight the callout and click on the A icon, then select your desired color.

  • Icon: To change the default icon, click on it and pick from Notion's vast emoji and icon library.

  • Color and Background: Access more color options by clicking the six dots on the callout's left side, allowing you to set text and background colors for better visual impact.

  • Content: Notion callouts are versatile, allowing you to drag and drop various blocks into them, such as text, images, or lists, creating a compact and highlighted section.

Use Cases

  • Important Notes: Highlight crucial information or reminders.

  • Tips & Tricks: Share helpful hints related to your content.

  • Quotes: Showcase a memorable quote in a visually appealing way.

Remember, while callouts are great for drawing attention, use them judiciously to avoid overwhelming your page.