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How to Create Multiple Columns in Notion: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to enhance your Notion workspace organization? Columns are a powerful tool for this, and Notion offers simple commands to set them up. Dive into our detailed guide on using the /col2 to /col5 commands and transform your content layout.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Initiating Columns:
  • Navigate to the spot on your page where you envision the columns.

  • Choose from the following commands based on your layout needs:

    • /col2 for a two-column layout
    • /col3 for a three-column layout
    • /col4 for a four-column layout
    • /col5 for a five-column layout

    Once entered, Notion will display column placeholders.

  1. Filling Your Columns:
  • With your columns set, you can drag and drop existing content blocks or pages into them.
  • Alternatively, start adding fresh content directly.
  1. Customizing Column Width:
  • Position your cursor over the column divider to reveal a two-sided arrow.
  • Adjust to your preferred column width by dragging.

Organizing content into columns in Notion enhances readability and boosts content structure. With the easy-to-use commands like /col2, /col3, /col4, and /col5, you can swiftly elevate your Notion workspace's layout. Experiment with these commands and witness the transformation!